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Why Choose R&D Construction Vinyl Fencing Over Wood?

Beautiful styling, ease of maintenance, durability and a lifetime as long as yours!

  • No painting or staining ever required - Guaranteed with limited lifetime warranty
  • Does not warp, twist or deteriorate like wood: no popped nails or splinters
  • Graffiti is easily washed off: no matter how often graffiti reappears – don’t repaint, just wash it off
  • Available in a number of colors or a combination of colors, many styles and even wood grain style
  • Unaffected by chlorinated or salt pool water, or ANY water – where wood rots, vinyl stays strong
  • Your yard will look even better with decks, deck railings, planters, gazebos and arbors that match your fence
  • Quality vinyl is never affected by UV, no fading or yellowing - Guaranteed
  • Treated with TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide, a common food preservative or colorant) to prevent chalking, and mildew growth
  • Vinyl is recyclable – your fence won’t go to a landfill; it will be re-used to make garden hoses, watering cans and other consumer products
  • High impact strengths and far more flexible than wood: where wood cracks and breaks, vinyl stays strong
  • Does not burn – it won’t spread fire from one building to another like wood fences
  • No toxic chemicals leach out like treated wood, paints or stains; no Volatile Chemical Odors (VCO)



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 Compare the Quality!

   Quality Vinyl from R and D Construction  Wood 
 Lifetime   Your lifetime or longer! At least 50 years  5 - 15 years
 Strength against impacts  Four times stronger, even in the coldest weather  Fences can often be broken even with the impact of a lawn mower
 Repainting  NEVER needs repainting or staining  Expect to repaint or stain, with scraping and sanding, every 1-3 years
 Strength against warping  Never warps  Bends, twists and warps: the thinner the wood (i.e. lattice), the faster it happens
 Does it rot?  Never rots  Even treated wood or cedar rots
 Does it mildew in wet situations  Unlikely; would clean off with mild bleach solution if it did happen  Frequently mildews
 Graffiti  Washes off  Requires sanding and repainting
 Affected by chlorinated or salt pool water  Never  Rots
 Recyclable  Yes – Can be turned into garden hoses, watering cans and other consumer product  No – goes to landfill and left to rot
 Affected by sprinklers  Never  Yes – paint/stain removed by friction of sprinkler water; fence then warps and/or rots
 Affected by fire  Melts; does not burn on it’s own  Burns and spreads fire to adjacent buildings
 Needs to be replaced  Not for at least 50 years  Every 5-15 years

Vinyl Fence Colours