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Picket Fencing

Just want a charming divider fence between your land and next door?


A simple, yet charming fence, a straight open picket fence is the symbol of a loving home - a place where you create memories to last a lifetime. Another beauty of our fence is that it is guaranteed to last as long as your memories – a lifetime for the original owner.


Adding a little gentleness to the charm of an open picket fence, concave waves flow around your home, creating a peaceful scene and a lifetime of beauty. Your fence will be impervious to moisture and insects; nor will you ever need to paint, stain or maintain it beyond hosing it off occasionally. Simply enjoy the quiet beauty that only an R and D Construction vinyl fence can bring.


Add a bit of country charm in your fence, no matter where you live. The gently rolling convex pattern gives your home a calm, peaceful atmosphere that goes beyond good looks – your fence will be maintenance free, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.


Even your gates can add to the charm and beauty of an open picket fence.

Modern Style - Closed Picket Fence Systems

The modern styles of clean lines and sharp angles deliver a strong, yet open and elegant enclosure. A variety of pickets and post caps add flair or simplicity to this modern look.

Would you like your posts to be stylish as well?

Any of the posts shown above can be enhanced with one of our fence cap styles and colors, to add drama, style or clean simplicity to your fence.

Choose from these post cap styles:

R and D Construction has a wide variety of picket styles that makes it easy to style your fence.

  • Arrowhead
  • Boy Scout
  • 1.5-inch Pyramid
  • 3-inch or 6-inch “Dog Ear”
  • 1.5-inch or 3-inch Sharp


How about colors?

Choose everlasting beauty with these neutrals that will always be in style.

Vinyl Fence Colours

Colors can be mixed for your own individual fence