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DIY Vinyl Fence Kits - Yes, You CAN Do It Yourself!

Step 1 – Check over the area to be fenced.


Will you be fencing off an area that currently does not have a fence or replacing an existing fence? If so, include plans to dispose of the old fence, including the posts and footings.


Are there trees, shrubs, etc. in the way that may affect placement of the fence or posts?


Look for slopes and uneven terrain that may affect your fence layout. For instance, slopes may require longer panels even if the posts are the standard 8’ apart.

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Step 2 – decide on the type of fencing you would prefer, along with the color and the style.

Click here to see the various types of fencing available

Check with our office, for stock on hand and/or if your fence needs to be ordered from the factory. We can be reached at 250-319-4224.


Step 3 – Measure carefully! Develop your fence plan from your measurements.

Start by planning for the fence as if the ground was flat. You’ll adjust for slopes later.

Lay out your post positions, no more than 8’ apart; and adjust post positions to look good when 8’ positions are not workable. Also measure for gates, and whether gates are to be double or single.


Here is an example of a layout:


Notice that gate posts are different than line or end posts, so mark these accordingly.

You’ll need to account for steeper slopes and uneven terrain, or you will be short materials. Use the concept of a right angle triangle to estimate how long panels on uneven or sloped terrain will have to be.


To calculate the actual length of panel: A2+B2=C2. Once you have C2, just find the square root of C and you will have your panel length. Make note of the actual panel lengths on your layout.


Alternatively, if your slope is low, you can “stair-step” each panel slightly higher (or lower) than the next; to keep all panels the same length.


For an additional fee, R&D Construction will measure and provide a layout, including a list of materials to be ordered for your fence.


Step 4 – Get your material list and quote.

Once you have developed your layout, send it to R&D Construction via email (build@RandDConstruction.ca) or mail it or bring it into the office (712 East Athabaska St., Kamloops, BC V2H 1C9).

Review and confirm your order; arrange for pick up or delivery of your materials.


Step 5 – start your install.

Review the installation instructions to be sure you understand them. If you think you need some instruction, check with our office and we can offer some assistance (250-319-4224 to set up a time.)

A little bit of time up front, to be certain you understand, will pay off in an easier install.

Be sure to measure twice and cut once.


Step 6 – relax and enjoy your new fence!


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